Maximize Your Sport
Sponsorship ROI

vBrand Platform

Global spending on sports sponsorships grew from $35 billion in 2010 to $60 billion in 2016. Yet there is no accurate way to measure the exposure, impact and value of sports sponsorship. Or to get a comprehensive exposure analysis across-all-platforms, linear and digital. Until now.

vBrand developed an artificial intelligence platform that tracks, in near-real-time, brand exposure in sporting events and measures earned media and related impact on TV and on social media

Maximize sports sponsorship ROI

Brand Exposure

Detailed analysis of brand exposure during the game.

Earned Media Analysis

Comprehensive post-game impact analysis across all platforms.

Sponsorship Value

Uncover the actual total momentary value of a sponsorship.

Comparative Analysis

Of all the brands participating in the sporting event.

Web & Social Impact

Track associated web views and social media buzz.

Placement Analysis

Identify and track the exposure source - banner, apparel, ball or basket.