vBrand Science

vBrand developed an artificial intelligence platform that identifies objects, brands, logos, faces, locations even sentiments depicted in a scene on any video or image. The platform uses machine deep learning and computer vision methods to continuously improve the accuracy of the results it produces.

vBrand's patent pending technology ingests video feeds and runs it through its proprietary identification and analysis process. The output data contains all the meta data extracted from the video and delivered, in near-real-time, via an easy-to-use online dashboard.

vBrand's Sports Data Management Platform was conceived from the ground up for 24/7 availability, scalability and speed. The platform is based on the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies. It is trained to identify logos and brands in nearly any position, size and shape. It can identify logos that are partial, tilted and even transparent. We use machine learning tools to identify patterns within the data, extract meaningful insights on brands reach and impact during the sporting event and calculate the actual monetary value of sports sponsorships.

Artificial Intelligence

Proprietary deep learning and machine vision in support of sports marketing.